Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Free Wicker Man with every purchase

Before (or perhaps instead of) catching the Nick Cage remake of the classic film, The Wicker Man, why not just purchase a copy of today's Guardian newspaper (Wednesday 6 September), which comes with a free DVD of the original?

Besides, I very seriously doubt the new film will have anything as saucy (or goofy) as Brit Ekland shakin' her thang in throes of Pagan lust.

Yep, I got mine! And, nope, I don't normally read the Guardian, but I must admit I found the following article about The Wicker Man remake to be hilarious.

Early reviews torch The Wicker Man
Staff and agencies
Guardian Unlimited
Friday September 1, 2006

Neil LaBute's remake of The Wicker Man opened in the US today to a small but fierce bonfire of bad reviews. Expect its flames to be fanned in the days ahead.

Click here to read the complete review.

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