Thursday, December 04, 2008

Outsider Tart Yumminess!

Yesterday I reported for Londonist about Outsider Tart's delicious baked goods (and by report I mean raved). See below for a link to that post. I'm also happy to confirm that my cats, Marmo and Sandokan, gave Outsider Tart's homey treats their seal of approval.

Walnut Brownie Chunk Cookie Goodness from Outsider Tart
Chris Osburn, Food & Drink Editor
December 3, 2008

Outsider Tart

Happiness is a walnut brownie chunk cookie. Don’t believe us? Here. Have a bite of ours and check out its makers: the “new culinary enterprise”
Outsider Tart, a hobby-turned-business for David Lesniak and David Muniz, two American business and life partners who’ve set out to rectify what they saw as a dire situation: that “good wholesome, homemade cupcakes, sweet pies and fresh tarts are pretty hard to come by” here in London.

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Outsider Tart review at Londonist.


Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR. Can't see the pics? Click here to see them all on Flickr.

FYI: Never (ever!) feed sweets - especially chocolate - to cats or dogs. These photos are not meant to suggest that the cats pictured ate any of the food. They didn't (but actually may have got a lick or two in).

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