Friday, July 14, 2006

Jollof Pot full of goodness at Exmouth Market

A few weeks back, I came across the Ghanaian food vendors, Jollof Pot, at the end of the Architecture Week's Sheep Drive. In a previous posting (click here) I commented on how much I enjoyed the 'heaping plate of blackeyed peas and tomato stew with rice' that I ate and how I hoped 'to run into Jollof Pot again.'

Well, lo and behold, the other day while running an errand, I passed through Exmouth Market (not even five minutes from my flat), where a nice Jollof Pot lady was busy getting things prepped for lunch. I had noticed other Exmouth Market food vendors at lunchtime on other occasions, but had never noticed Jollof Pot.

I went and ran my errand, then returned to a building queue at the Jollof Pot stand. When my turn to order came, I asked if they were there during the week. "Monday to Friday - maybe on Saturday," was the response. I got the impression that Jollof Pot might have other stands throughout London, but I can't verify that. So, if you like spicy, yummy, stews, I recommend making it to Exmouth Market sometime during the week or, at the very least, keeping an eye out for these folks next time you find yourself at an event with food vendors.

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