Tuesday, July 25, 2006

WANTED: your photos of London

Interested in sharing your photography with a wider audience? If you have a London photograph that you think might interest the readers of this blog, I would love to post it here at ontoLondon. In addition to posting your image, I will be happy to include a brief biography about you as well as your contact details, if you wish.

You will retain the copyright for your photography. Your image will not be used elsewhere. Your image will be taken off this site at any time you wish.

Just send me an email with your photo attached as a high resolution jpeg only. Alternatively, you may send me an email with a link to your online portfolio or gallery. Send emails to
chris . osburn AT gmail . com.

Similarly, if you have a story, lead, or anything else that might interest ontoLondon's readers, feel free to send the details my way.

To view examples of photography on this blog, click here.

Thank you,
Tiki Chris

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