Wednesday, October 04, 2006

London as told by Yuki

Yuki, a twenty year old anthropology student and freelance artist, has just moved to London from Japan. She likes “techno music, sappy chick flicks, shopping for clothes, taking candid portraits of people, eating good food,” and she also likes to post refreshingly honest and quirky bits about her experiences in London at her blog,

Here’s a bit about couples from her blog:

They hold hands all the time. Men put their hands on/down their partners’ asses walking down the street. They have dry sex in the parks. They French kiss on train platforms. They hold each other like no tomorrow on escalators. I wonder if any of these have to do with the divorce rates being so high. One thing I noticed about iterracial couples is that while in Japan, most of what you can spot are white men - Asian women couples, right here there are actually black men - white women couples. From Othello and everything, I’d have thought that this combination would be rare to exist. I was completely wrong, the world is bigger than that! There are lots of gay couples and it just makes me smile to see boys walking holding hands.

If you’re interested in getting another take on London, I recommend checking out Yuki’s blog.

Special thanks to ontoLondon reader Beth for pointing me in the direction of this blog.

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