Thursday, November 09, 2006

Exceptionally delicious regional Indian food at Exmouth Market

Ever since the recent return of a Friday/Saturday street market to Exmouth Market (giving this street's name some meaning), forgaging for yummies in Clerkenwell has markedly improved (and it wasn't bad to begin with). Among the savories available at the street market is Gujarati Rasoi's "100% Authentic Vegetarian Gujarati Food." The idea behind Gujarati Rasoi is "to present food that is authentic, a true taste of Indian food from
Gujarat ... As we say to our customers, Its exactly what we eat at home."

Soon after my first bite, I became an avid fan and am now a lunchtime regular. In particular, I've come to love their Samosa Chatt, which consists of the following:

One samosa served combined with delicious chick pea & potato sakh dressed with sev momra, chopped coriander, onions and two chutneys (date and tamerind), sweet and sour yoghurt, and coriander - fresh and cooling.

Not only is the Samosa Chatt delicious, it's also one of the most filling meals I've ever had. I can eat one of these for a late breakfast/early lunch and not even think about food until well into the evening. Very impressive considering the Samosa Chatt is under £5!

The Exmouth Market street market is every Friday from 11am - 6pm and every Saturday from 9am - 4pm.

Gujarati Rasoi vends at Exmouth Market on Fridays and most Saturdays. According to their website, they also vend at Broadway Market in Hackney and are available to cater events and private parties.

Click here to check out Gujarati Rasoi's website.
Click here to visit the Exmouth Market street market's website.


M. Snow said...

Sounds and looks good, reminds me of a place I used to frequent in Marietta. The open market style setup in the pictures is just the sort of thing that gets my attention, particularly in this type of weather.

Tiki Chris said...

Yep. Smells great too! I was there yesterday for lunch and had the Samosa Chatt. It was a brisk, late autumn day and the Chatt really hit the spot.

If the "open market style setup" is your thing, then you need to head over for a visit, my friend. You'd love the hell out of this city.

Thanks for your comment,
Tiki Chris

Anonymous said...

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