Wednesday, November 01, 2006

How 'bout a downhome Thanksgiving in London?

No, the irony of celebrating T-Day in the UK is not lost on me. Still, I'm quite excited about having Thanksgiving dinner at one of my favorite London eateries - Bubba's Arkansas Café .

Yes, there actually is a real live Bubba. He hails from Arkansas but has been in London for years (as has his restaurant). He does a proper American Thanksgiving dinner that's very downhome and yummy. The rest of the year, he serves very scrumptious BBQ that's as good as any you'll find Stateside.

I'm only now posting this information because I've already made my own rez - tables get booked fast for Thanksgiving dinner.

Arkansas Café
Old Spitalfields Market
107b Commercial Street
London E1 6BG
Nearest Tube:
Liverpool Street
Telephone: 0871 3327488


Emiana said...

I cannot wait! Bubba's Thanksgiving turkey is the only one I like!

Tiki Chris said...

Me too. Make sure to come hungry!

Anonymous said...

It is the worst dining experience I have ever had, never again, the food is bad, the place is dirty. Go to whole foods and by a frozen meal it would be safer and wiser.

Tiki Chris said...

Wow. Mr/Ms anonymous, I couldn't agree with you less! Honestly, your comment teeters on the edge of being slanderous.

Bubba's is a great place with lots of ambience. They serve quality meat and put a lot of thought into where they get their meat from too. Granted, Bubba's ain't a fancy tablecloth sort of place, but it is a friendly downhome place to grab some delicious downhome food.

Unfortunately with all the reno going on at Spitalfields, I don't think they're going to be open in time for T-Day 2007. I'm bummed.

If anyone has any details about when Bubba's is to reopen ...

American Meetup said...

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