Thursday, October 25, 2007

Much Ado about Hot Dogs

Who knew Londonist readers would get so up in arms about a mildly approving review of a hot dog vendor? Clearly, not me. Anyway, I got an education on the palette and concerns of at least a few Londoners with my last What's for Lunch? restaurant review. Check out these comments posted in response to my review of a hot dog vendor outside the British Museum:


These guys are a smelly menace.

Oh god no!! The hot dogs that these people sell are, I swear, made out of stray cat meat and wallpaper paste.

... the most disgusting food in London.

that is insane... is this April 1st?

here for the original What's for Lunch? Hot Dog Stand outside the British Museum post.

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Anonymous said...

Awww give the guy a break, hotdogs rock, its a great easy snack, and the dudes just trying to make a living!
Paris TCF