Thursday, February 21, 2008

Time Out likes Londonist

Check it: Time Out listed Londonist (for which I am the Food & Drink editor) as one of London's 50 best websites. Nice. The rest of the list is pretty cool. However, they seem to have overlooked one particular blog ... hmmmm ...

50 best London websites
The internet is a global phenomenon, defying geography and scoffing at national boundaries. So it might seem odd to peer solely at the capital through our browser windows, but, trust us, the city looks sensational viewed on the small screen. Clearly, this very site is the font of indispensable London knowledge – but here we present 50 other corkers, all of them useful and entertaining, all of them devoted entirely to the Big Smoke. Go on, log on to London!
Time Out
February 21, 2008

‘A website about London and everything that happens in it’, Londonist is a lively and eclectic ongoing conversation about the capital, put together with real passion and insight.

here for complete article.

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