Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lamenting the Loss of Bubba's

The other day I cut through Spitalfields Market and it hit me - no more Bubba's. Bubba's was one of my favourite restaurants in London and where I chose to spend Thanksgiving when I wasn't headed back to the States. I'm bummed. The New Old Spitalfields Market looks like it's gonna be too squeaky clean and homogenized for my tastes. Although, I am withholding judgement until I can properly explore the market.

Here's a post from another blog that I just came across, discussing the 'sterilization' of Spitalfields:

On Spitalfields
by Paul Mison
more chaff
Jun 18, 2008 at 10:45 PM

More than the people, though, the spaces have changed. As I've said, half the market's gone, although the shell of it around the edges has been retained. The businesses there haven't, though; the family-run pizzerias replaced by SF-based chain makeup stores and expensive Soho bakeries. The worst, though, is that even inside the old market, the character has been almost entirely sterilised away.

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Emiana said...

I agree with you and the other blogger. I used to love going down there. Maybe it will change again... who knows. But, Bubba's ... I miss that place and I miss the man himself. It was great to see him and he always had a great warm welcome and great stories to tell. I hope beyond hope that he comes back.