Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Scrambling Eggs: the interview (Qype does London)

Scrambling Eggs: the interview
Chris Osburn
Qype does London
August 27th 2008

If breakfast doesn’t involve a tin opener or a deep fryer then I think you’re off to a good start and the NHS will be better off too. I know its going to be a challenge to convince many Brits that there is a better breakfast than a fry up but I think that’s because there aren’t many cafes offering an attractive alternative. I know I’d prefer to eat a fry up than a plastic tasting low-fat muffin from a coffee chain store. The most important thing for me is the quality of the ingredients and knowing that the food I eat has been made with some care and imagination. In summer I love sourdough toast with olive oil, fresh tomato, basil and cracked pepper, and in winter, buttermilk pancakes with bacon and maple syrup.

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