Thursday, June 01, 2006

Brilliant Elizabeth Street Combo in Belgravia

Fancy a pint at the pub before an exquisite meal? Here's the scoop on a tasteful and convenient night out.

This past Friday, my wife and I got together with some old friends whom we had not seen in ages. We met at a beautifully refurbished gastropub, the Thomas Cubitt. Located on Elizabeth Street in Belgravia, this pub's interior is the definition of understated elegance.
However, on a Friday night, ole Thom gets pretty crowded and loud (and smokey). The ambience was great for our initial meet up but not ideal for further catching up. Despite reading about Thomas Cubitt offers raved about meals (I'm still eager to dine there), a change of scenery was in order; thus, we simply crossed the street and had our supper at Oliveto, a stylishly subdued Sardinian restaurant boasting top quality meals at reasonable prices. Lady Luck seemed to be on our side that evening, as we arrived at Oliveto around 10 p.m. and quickly got a table for five. However, I highly suggest making a reservation for this restaurant (especially on weekends) and will do so the next time I plan to visit.

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