Friday, June 16, 2006

Sheep to invade the City of London!

Yes, Architecture Week is upon us, and there's much to do. Of particular interest to my wife and me is the Sheep Drive, during which a flock of 60 Herdwick sheep will be driven fromBorough Market to Smithfield Market. The drive, to be led by famed London architect, Renzo Piano, commences 10am tomorrow (Saturday 17 June) and commences at Smithfield around 11.30am. Personally, I can't wait to all those sheep as they cross the Millennium Bridge.

If you go, look for the guy in an Aloha shirt with a woman whose head looks like it's about to explode (she really likes sheep).


Vivian said...

does SHE like SHEeples too!?!?!

That is most excellent! I wish I could be there for such a site!! It would have been a great birthday gift!

Pictures Pictures Pictures PLEASE!

Tiki Chris said...

Does she like the Sheeples? You bet. Emilia's half the reason the Sheeples exisit!

[Don't know what Vivian and I are baaabling about? Visit for info.]

As for the Sheep Drive, it was bizarre. Emilia took lots of photos. Expect photos and details about the event sometime in the next few (to several) days.

Thank ewe,