Friday, June 30, 2006

WEEKLY PHOTO: (30 June 2006)

C'mon England
Photograph by Emiana © 2006
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Trader Woody said...

I came very very close to taking a photo of the same pub, but the light wasn't particularly good at the time! Good to see you've caught the spirit of the place.

el gringo jack said...

Beautiful pic. Now that I live in a (soccer) football country, I really understand what World Cup means. I don't know if you heard that México had the highest participation in the early rounds, other than Germany. We lost a nailbiter to Argentina. So, Chris, do you have the fever?

Tiki Chris said...

el gringo,

As you can probably remember from eighth grade, I don't really give a hoot about sports ... until the World Cup comes around and I happen to be living in London.

I love it. If England were to win, well, I'll be living in the happiest place on earth for the next four years. C'mon England.

Did you see the Germany v Argentina match? I can't believe Argentina's out. Way to go Deutschland.

Nice being connected to the rest of the word, eh my expat brother?