Tuesday, August 21, 2007

London No Longer a Top 10 Destination for US Vacation-Goers

London is No Longer A Top Ten Holiday Destination for American
by Travel Editor
Cheap Flights News
August 21, 2007

the city’s lower destination ranking demonstrates the significant effect the dollar’s weakness has had on US air travel to the UK.In July 2006 London was ranked the 7th most popular destination for which deals were sought on Cheapflights’ US site. In July 2007, that ranking has dropped sharply out of the top ten destinations to 15th.

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Photography courtesy of chaserpaul's Flickr photostream.


Emiana said...

Completely unsurprising.

Tiki Chris said...

I'm guessing that whole fear of the terrorists is playing into this too, but the slumping economy is probably the main factor.