Monday, November 24, 2008

Hope for a Chugger-Free London!

I really don't like the litany of street canvassers clogging up London's already crowded pavements. And, I know from a (very) brief stint as a "chugger" in my early twenties that, despite the fact that most of the folks out on the streets have big hearts and good intentions, there's a lot of bullshit involved. Anyway, here's a reassuring report from the BBC about a new Intelligent Giving study confirming that chuggers are indeed an "inefficient way of giving and they give charities a bad name and they harass people and put them out - and we think that's behaviour that charities shouldn't be indulging in."

Call for street canvasser boycott
Charity street fundraisers should be avoided by people looking to make donations, a watchdog has warned.
BBC News
Page last updated at 20:35 GMT, Monday, 24 November 2008

We reached a pretty solid conclusion: never give to street fundraisers," the report concluded.
"Instead, find out which charity you really like, and give via its website."

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complete article at the BBC News website.

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