Monday, November 10, 2008

Street Photography & Camera Handling Workshop

With respect to my photography, I’m starting to feel as if I’m in a rut. This is a big bummer. I’ve got a few important gigs coming up as well as an exhibition in ’09. And more than that, I just want to feel more confident about shooting and to trust my intuition much more. So I signed up for a Street Photography & Camera Handling workshop with Shoot Experience. I had a lot of fun participating in their Shoot Shoreditch photographic treasure hunt and thought they ran a tight – and incredibly well organized – ship (they seemed to know a thing or two about photography too!). So, when I found out about their upcoming Kingsland Road workshop and how it would “boost your skill set giving you the creative freedom to successfully capture the city streets,” I figured it was worth a shot (pun intended). I’ll be sure to post a review recapping how the workshop went.

The Shoot Experience Street Photography & Camera Handling workshop happens this Saturday and next (the 15th and 22nd) at 32 Kingsland Road. Geared toward photographers who “know your aperture from your shutter speed” but want to work more instinctively, effectively and creatively, the course is taught by Toby Smith (“judge, photographer and technical manager of all things Shoot Experience”) who manages a photography studio in East London and has taught practical photography everywhere "from East Africa to the East Midlands." Group size is limited to six people (very cool).

I reckon this upcoming workshop is all booked up (but please don’t take my word on that!). However, have a look at the Shoot Experience events page for more workshops and other fun photo things to do.

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