Sunday, November 23, 2008

Street Photography & Camera Handling Workshop: Day Two

Yesterday was the second and final day of the Shoot Experience Street Photography & Camera Handling workshop I've been taking. Most of the day was spent "in the field" (bopping about Hoxton Square and Shoreditch High Street) applying what we were taught last Saturday. Awesomeness (and a great way to try our out new found skills while the instructor's still there for reminders and encouragement)!


I really enjoyed both full day sessions of the workshop and truly feel that I'm a better photographer than before and that I gratefully have a few more street photography tricks up my sleeve because I attended the workshop. Ultimately, getting better street shots from now on will require less button pressing and considerably less head scratching.


If Shoot Experience were to develop a follow up course, I most certainly would be keen to enroll. I can't rec this workshop highly enough. If you're hankering to improve your photography street smarts and become more aware of your SLR's full potential, have a look at the Shoot Experience events page for more workshops and other fun photo things to do.

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