Monday, September 08, 2008

Buffalo Wings at Bodean’s (Qype does London)

by Chris Osburn
Qype does London
September 8th 2008

Damn straight I like Buffalo wings and as far as I know
Bodean’s is the best place in London for ‘em. The ribs and hot dogs ain’t bad either. Honestly, their wings don’t really come all that close to my favourite wings back in the States, but they more than suffice. And, every so often I even have to deal with a bout of some serious hankering for a plate of Bodean’s wings (with their extra-hot Diablo sauce please!).

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Team Splashi said...

I (heart) food and your photo looks tasty.


Albert said...

They aren't the best-- by a long shot. As this Upstate New Yorker knows-- Sports Café, Planet Hollywood and the Hard Rock Café have the best available in London.... well, excluding my own home cooked ones! ;)