Thursday, September 18, 2008

Qype Visits La Cave a Fromage

Qype took a few of its London Ninjas out for a cheese and wine tasting at the wonderful La Cave a Fromage earlier this week. Yum. Check out what folks (including me) had to say about the evening.

Cheese & Wine Tasting at La Cave a Fromage with Qype

Cheese on Qype (Timinator):
I approached this event with some mild trepidation, however: it was a cheese tasting night at
La Cave à Fromage. And I, some of you will know, am lactose intolerant. Nevertheless, I wasn’t going to miss a freebie: I left the house armed with as much lactase enzyme as my pockets would accomodate.

Getting cheesy (and blaand) with Qype (Qype does London):
You know someone really cares about you when there’s wine and cheese tasting involved. It’s so much more committal than, say, a friendly chat over a cup of coffee at a café or a pint at the pub. It’s considerably yummier too! I mean, c’mon, it’s cheese … and wine! Such an outing suggests sophistication and an appreciation of the finer things in life (ie cheese and wine).

La Cave à Fromage (Being Unchained):
With literally thousands of cheese to choose from, the owner was delighted to inform us that we could try a different cheese every night for the next 75 years without running out of options.

La Cave à Fromage (Food Stories):
OK, so I realised I don’t know much about cheese (apart from what I like) but hey, I’m more willing than ever to learn.

La Cave a Fromage (londonelicious):
There are a lot of options and the staff seem friendly and informative. If I should ever find myself in South Ken--perhaps before a night out at boujis, because you know I hang out there all the time--I'd drop in for some cheese.

Qype visits the cheese cave of West London (Qype*Vibes):
A dozen lucky Qypers got to taste a selection of remarkable cheeses from all over the world, accompanied by soem cracking wines and even a drop of alcohol made from whey (weird!).


Plenty of my photos from the evening are up on Qype's Flickr Photostream.

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