Monday, September 29, 2008

Review: Moti Mahal Cookery Class with Wine Pairing (Londonist)

Chris Osburn, Food & Drink Editor
September 29, 2008

Saturday morning had Londonist sitting in on a cookery class at “chic and contemporary Indian restaurant” Moti Mahal (near Covent Garden at 45 Great Queen Street, WC2B 5AA). The student/teacher ratio was low (about ten in our class). And, our teacher, head chef Anirudh Arora (aka Chef Ani) was brilliant. His guided tour of Moti Mahal’s thriving kitchen impressed us, as did his mellow yet authoritative manner while sharing his cookery skills. Indeed, the knowledge imparted was both practical (how to hold a knife, what’s the best brand of Basmati rice) to ingenious (awesome recipes and fascinating stories).

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