Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Have you seen this man?

Emiana recently received the following 'e-alert' in her work email inbox:


The business community is asked to be aware of an opportunist thief operating within the City boundaries who enters buildings, usually by tail gating staff and by-passing security.

If challenged, the male has, in recent weeks, inferred that he is either a fire extinguisher engineer or a lighting engineer and will gain entrance to offices where he will steal wallets/purses, mobile phones and money from desks and bags.

The male is described as white, 5'6-5'7 tall and aged about 50 years told with grey short hair. He is of slim build and has been described as scruffy in appearance although he tends to try and look smart by wearing a shirt and tie. He has a scar on his lip thought to be a hair lip.

He has been very active in the past week and has managed to gain entrance to offices that have security systems in place by convincing staff members that he is an engineer.

He requires only a few minutes to find what he is looking for, normally wallets, phones, cash and credit cards. If challenged whilst searching people's desks, he will use the excuse that he is looking for a pen.

A photo of the male is attached for your information. Please remind staff to be extra vigilant. Do not be afraid to ask people for identification.

If you see this male, please contact City of London Police on 0207 601 2222

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