Wednesday, May 24, 2006

GBK: Gorgeous Burgers Kiwi-style

Yummy! Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) was developed by three New Zealanders craving for a taste of home, 'where gourmet burgers are recognised as a favoured way of eating for busy people and families seeking good quality convenient food.' There are 10 GBK locations, with more in the pipeline. Their growth strategy seems to be setting up shop in London's antipodian ghettoes - and based upon my recent visit to their Battersea flagship restaurant, this seems to be working! It was a dreary Sunday midafternoon, and the place absolutely teemed with GBK enthusiasts.

During my visit, I had the Kiwiburger (100% Aberdeen-Angus Scotch beef, beetroot, egg, pineapple, cheese, salad & relish) along with chips and garlic mayo. Wow! Their menu has an extensive list of not just burgers that looks impressive. However, when (not if) I go back, I doubt I'll be able get past ordering anything other than the Kiwiburger. The menu also lists milkshakes, which several customers were enjoying - but I just didn't have the room.

I could go on about how this place, but it's all been said before:


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