Monday, May 15, 2006

19 Princelet Street, Spitalfields

Built in 1719 by, and as a home for, Huguenots escaping persecution in France, this 'brick messuage' later served as home for immigrants from Ireland and Eastern Europe. By 1869, a synagogue had been erected in its back garden. Then after the Jewish residents, the Bengalis, the Somalis, and others came seeking refuge in this house.

Today, this 'magical unrestored Huguenot master silk weaver's home, whose shabby frontage conceals a rare surviving synagogue built over its garden' is open to the public viewing - and well worth a visit! Similar in spirit to the Lower Eastside Tenement Museum in New York, public open days for the rest of 2006 are as follows:

- Sunday 21 May 12 - 5pmfor Museums and Galleries Month
- Sunday 28 May 12 - 5pmfor Museums and Galleries Month
- Sunday 18 June to Sunday 25 June 12 - 7pmevery day for Refugee Week
- Sunday 3 September 12 - 5pmfor European Day of Jewish Culture and Heritage
- Saturday 16 September 12 - 5 pm and Sunday 17
- September 12 - 5 pm for London Open House weekend (prepare for possible queues)

Otherwise organising a group visit is possible. Please visit their website for more details:

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