Monday, May 08, 2006

Chocolate goodness just off Brick Lane

Choc Star
Mobile Chocolate Bar
Every Sunday on Brick Lane, London, E1 (just south of 93 Feet East)
Also available for private hire
0774 807 3848

What once was a Scottish ice cream van has now become the country’s first mobile chocolate bar - a veritable hotbed of tempting treats, all dedicated to the magic ‘C’ word.

What an absolute pleasure it was to happen upon this van of chocolate delights! For about five quid, Emilia and I enjoyed some extremely yummy midday treats. Emilia went with the hot chocolate, which was delicious (not too sweet!) and thick (although not as thick as on the Continent), and I had the 'van specialty' - the Triple Chocolate Malted Bliss (essentially a super-mega-delish chocolate milkshake).

Should you find yourself roaming Brick Lane among the multitudes of Sunday foragers, Choc Star makes a perfect dessert option.

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