Friday, October 03, 2008

Moti Mahal Apple Chutney Collection (Londonist)

Chris Osburn, Food & Drink Editor
October 3, 2008

The air feels a little crisper. Leaves crunch underfoot. Daylight’s shorter, but twilight glows more warmly). It’s apple season. Such bundle-up weather has Londonist pulling out our most favoured woolly jumpers (well, we never really put them away) and listening to disproportionate amounts of
Neil Young. Autumnal conditions have got hold of Moti Mahal’s Chef Ani as well. In fact, the dude’s come up with a collection of ten apple chutneys to sample for the next month or so.

Read the complete Moti Mahal Apple Chutney Collection post at Londonist.

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